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June 28, 2018 by
Trezor wallet supports three big cryptos

Lisk (LSK) gets support on the new updated version of the Trezor Wallet called Trezor One firmware 1.6.2. The cryptocurrency announced the news on Twitter yesterday. The updated version of the cryptocurrency wallet supports several coins other than Lisk. These include Decred (DCR), Bitcoin Private (BTCP), Groestlcoin (GRS), Viacoin (VIA), Zcoin (XZC), Vertcoin (VTC), and Fujicoin (FJC). The hardware wallet provides security without compromising on convenience.

The Blockchain network’s migration is set to happen today when they reach a block height of 5,594,490. They recently released an updated version of the Lisk Documentation and Migration guide. This document will ensure that on-boarding of the Blockchain’s new version is easier. The Blockchain-start up sure has had a very busy week ahead of the Testnet launch. They have also collaborated with London Blockchain labs. It is a cross-campus ecosystem which educates the UK community on blockchain & distributed ledger technologies (DLT).
Unlike Bitcoin, Lisk doesn’t use Proof of Work [PoW] to achieve consensus. Instead the decentralized network uses Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) as its consensus protocol. Every LSK holder can vote for “mainchain delegates” which secures the network because of this algorithm.

These coins are added into the device’s firmware and will appear in Trezor Wallet gradually. They aren’t available in the Trezor wallet yet, it does recognize 500+ new Ethereum tokens.

” These coins were added into the device firmware and will be gradually surfacing in Trezor Wallet. They can be accessed via third-party applications like Electrum. Vertcoin is available in Trezor Wallet.”

They have included instructions for EOS Classic, Ethereum Social, Ellaism, Callisto, EtherGem, and Wanchain, it reads,

” These coins and tokens are generally accessible from third-party applications, developed by the coin developers, or MyEtherWallet/MyCrypto. They are not accessible from Trezor Wallet yet, but we are working on our own Ethereum wallet.”

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