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“Bitcoin won’t last” in the long term: Erik Finman, teenage crypto billionaire
December 18, 2018 0 121
Erik Finman, the teenage cryptocurrency millionaire stated, in an interview with MarketWatch on 17 December, that Bitcoin [BTC] “is dead,” and that “it won’t last.” Back in 2011, Erik Finman ...
Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan CEO, says he has “no interest” in cryptocurrency
August 7, 2018 0 78
Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase has described cryptocurrency as “rip-off” revealing his uninterest in it. Inning accordance with a Fifth August report by Bloomberg, Dimon on the previous ...
Tron (TRX) beats Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) & XRP to become the top mentioned crypto on Twitter
August 6, 2018 0 106
Tron (TRX) is the leading stated cryptocurrency on Twitter in the last hr, inning accordance with recent report. In fact, it has actually even gone beyond the top coins like ...
Bitcoin should touch $213,000 to become mainstream currency: UBS report
August 3, 2018 0 72
Union Bank of Switzerland [UBS] is skeptical concerning Bitcoin replacing the dollar. Inning accordance with a record by the UBS, either the BTC rates ought to hit $213,000 or there ...
Bitcoin has the huge potential to go up: Survey
July 30, 2018 0 76
A current survey disclosed Bitcoin’s significant price growth potential. The survey by pollsters Gallup, appointed by Wells Fargo highlights just how just a couple of number of individuals in the ...
Ripple [XRP] vs Bitcoin [BTC]: Is India becoming a cryptocurrency battleground?
July 13, 2018 0 88
As it arised that India might not prohibit cryptocurrencies nevertheless, money exchange Surge [XRP] has actually exposed its in-depth technique to defeat Bitcoin in the nation. The 3rd biggest cryptocurrency ...
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